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Time limits to respond to a claim


I have just received a claim listed in the Magistrates Court in WA. How long do I have to respond?

After receiving a claim you have a limited time to enter a response.

There is a time limit for entering a response that runs from the day the claim is served. The response must be lodged within 14 days or, if the defendant's address for service is outside Western Australia, 21 days.

When working out the date the response must be entered, Day 1 is the day after the claim has been served

For example, if the claim is served on May 1 the response must be lodged by close of business on May 15.

If May 15 is a weekend or public holiday the response must be lodged by the close of business on the next day that the court registry is open. 

Note: the response forms are different for general procedure claims, general procedure consumer/trader claims, minor case claims, counterclaims, and third party claims.

Where can I get more information?

Last reviewed: 31/05/2013

Last Modified: 31/05/2013


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