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Violence restraining orders

Violence restraining orders - information

What is family and domestic violence? What is a violence restraining order (VRO)? Am I in a family and domestic relationship? How do I get a VRO? More ...


Violence restraining orders - court process

Who can apply for a violence restraining order (VRO)? What happens at court? How long do VROs last?  What does the court look at in deciding whether to make  a VRO?  More...

Responding to a restraining order application

If you have received an interim  restraining order or a summons for a restraining order what can you do? More ... 


Restraining orders - varying, cancelling, extending or appealing

If you want to change, cancel, extend or appeal a restraining order this information may assist you. It also covers registering an interstate equivalent of a restraining order. More ... 


Last reviewed: 25/09/2013
Last Modified: 27/09/2013


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